Things You Have to Learn About SSH

Free SSH is one of many things that you have to know and learn if you are working with system networking. Actually, SSH is not a new thing in this networking world, but some of you might still unfamiliar with this term and want to know more about it. Knowing about SSH and many things related to it would be something necessary for you, so please make sure to read the whole explanation in the following paragraphs.

SSH’s Definition, Function, and Benefit

As already stated before, some of you might still do not know anything about SSH. It is actually something helpful for networking and internet system. Especially for you who are having a website, SSH is something good since it can give some benefits to the websites. Then, the brief but helpful explanation about this term can be found in the following explanation.

  • Definition

SSH is the shortened term of Secure Shell in which has a responsibility to hold the security of website or networking. When you are doing data transferring or some data changing, that would be dangerous is the system does not get the protection from SSH, so it is something good to have SSH. To have SSH, you can get two types of SSH, which are Free SSH and purchased SSH. The different of both two types is in the length of the period and also the money that you have to spend.

  • Function

The function of SSH is to make your network or website becomes more secure. Then, it can prevent some types of data hacking. Data hacking can cause the missing data and much more trouble. It also can prevent your computer to be attacked by any malware or viruses when you are using certain networking or connecting to the internet. So, SSH has a very important role in networking.

  • Benefit

SSH is also something that is very beneficial to you. From both free and premium SSH, you can get several services and it will make your network better. For example, using SSH for a website can give you the best security system and makes your website free from any viruses or malware. Besides that, it also makes your website more trusted, so that people will easily find and visit your website.

The other benefit of using SSH is that you can access the internet without needing to purchase any internet services. You only need to use certain application and get the SSH. When the timing is good, you can get the access to the internet and you will get your connection free and secure at the same time. So, having this SSH will be very useful for you.

Tips to Get SSH Freely

After knowing basic information about SSH, you also better to know about the best way to get Free SSH account 1 month. SSH which is free from any purchase is not a difficult thing to get, you can get it from a certain website. Of course, when you are seeking for the free one, you have to understand that it will be different with the SSH that you get by purchasing. Then, what is the difference?

Of course, the first differences is the amount of money that you need to spend to get the SSH. For the free one, you do not need to purchase anything. Yet, for the premium one, you need to purchase the SSH with the amount of money and it is usually enough expensive. Then, it also has some differences in the length of the period. The period of the SSH that you get freely usually can be in 7 days or more. The different website will offer a different length of SSH period. Yet, sometimes it is unlimited for the premium SSH.

Some other features that can be found by using either free or premium SSH do exist. However, both of the free and premium SSH still has the function to secure the network. It means that the existence of both types of SSH still has the same portion of works. So, if you want to learn more about the networking system, learning about SSH and many things related to it is something important that could not be missed by you. That is all the brief information for you about Free SSH for you.

Free Vs. Premium SSH; Which is Your Choice?

What do you know about SSH? For people who are familiar with programming, and networking, this is not a new term for them. However, some of you might still confuse about what it is and what the function of SSH itself is. To help you to know about those things better, you can read the following explanations for better understanding about SSH and many things related to it.

Definition and Basic Information about SSH

Before you learn more about SSH, of course, you have to know about the definition of this term. Actually, SSH stands for Secure Shell. This is a system, or also can be called as remote login, to secure a certain network. In using SSH, you can find Free SSH and Premium SSH. Both of those SSH are having some differences in function and use. So, to know better about those differences, you can read the following explanation.

  • Free SSH

Free SSH is the common SSH that is used by many people to access the network safely. Of course, it is difficult to get many free SSH access for many days. It requires some help of certain applications too, to get free SSH for some periods. The periods of SSH that you get freely can be in a week or perhaps monthly. It depends on the web or application that helps you to get the SSH.

  • Premium SSH

Actually, the function is almost the same as the free one. However, sometimes, the benefits are better by using the premium. Besides that, if you are using the premium one, the period of the SSH would be longer and perhaps unlimited. So, if you want to get more flexible access using SSH, it would be better to use premium SSH instead of free SSH.

Function of SSH

The use of SSH itself is something that really helpful for your network. It can prevent any hacking or many things else that would be dangerous for your data transfer and data access. So, for people who are working with a network system or program, knowing about SSH and have the access to use it freely will be something good and give many benefits.

Besides that, some people also use SSH to get the free internet access through their computer or Android smartphone. If you are using SSH in this transaction, you need to use the help of certain applications that will be helpful and useful. Then, you can get easier access to the internet with the help of those applications. However, you really need to know how to operate those applications for successful operation.

To sum up, SSH is something important for your network to secure the data transaction and the internet system. It can prevent any viruses and also hack or perhaps malware. You also can choose your preference between free SSH or premium SSH. In choosing those two choices, make sure to consider the benefits and also your ability to get the SSH. It is alright to use the free one, as long as you are ready enough to always renew the SSH in a certain period.

Top 5 Digital Softwares for Painters


Painting or designing might be one of the best hobbies that you have. Not just a hobby, doing digital painting or designing can be enjoyable yet profitable. Not to talk about the profit, choosing bout the best software to be used to unleash all your ideas in graphic designing and photo editing can be a good topic too. Then, here we have top 5 software to be used as your tools in creating your masterpiece.

List of Top 5 Graphics Editing Applications

To know better about the tools that will help you to create the great works through graphics, here is the list for you!

  • Photoshop

The name of this application is no longer something strange for most digital artists. This software becomes the basic standard of the application that you can use for photo editing, graphic designing, graphic painting and many more. You can find many great features there and enjoy your job at the end.

  • Artweaver 6

This software is the good one for all beginners around the world. Yet, it only can be used for those who use Windows. By having this software, you can create your work easier and faster, because the features there will help you to figure out the results easily. You need to purchase in about $41 for the Artweaver Plus version which will give you greater interface.

  • Clip Studio Painting

Do you have a hobby to create comic or manga? If you are really into those hobbies, this application will suit you well. Using this software will make you figure out that the result will look more natural. To purchase this app and make it the Pro one, you need to spend $49.99 for your better comic production.

  • Affinity Designer

This software is available for those who use MacOS or Windows. It will suit well for you who are in love with illustrations and graphic designs. With the help of Vector support, this software also works well on some details like curves, and blending modes.

  • Graphiter

For those who are having a hobby in making the realistic looks of their sketches, this software will turn into the number 1 for you. Even though the tools there seem simple, but those tools are good enough for you to support the work of the realistic pencils that you have in this software. However, it is sad that this software is only available for Windows users.

The Use of Those Applications

After knowing about those applications, you already know about the best recommendations of software that can support your hobby in digital painting and designing. The existence of those applications really supports the works and the masterpiece that you can produce as a digital artist. The tools in that software, give the best support for you to work and get the best result for your digital painting.

So, if you already know that the software is having the good result in works and good support of the tools, you can consider which the best software is for you. You can consider based on the types of the software. For example, if you are better with realistic-looks design, you can choose Graphiter. However, if you want to get the application which is also good for photo editing, you can choose Photoshop over all the previous recommendation.

In conclusion, those applications are good for you who are having a hobby of graphic designing or photo editing. You also need to know how much budget that you need to prepare if you want to purchase the premium version of the application that you choose. Then, you can work with the tools and great interface from the digital software to create your great masterpieces.

Tips to Learn Coding for Beginners

For those who have the intention to learn to programme, of course, they have to know about coding and the best way to learn it. For beginners, perhaps it sounds so difficult but actually, you can learn it step by step until you become a great programmer. To learn about it, you have, at least, know several tips to increase your ability in coding. So, here are the helpful tips for you to know about coding and learn it easily.

Tips to Start Learning Coding

Some of you might still confuse about coding or programming world. However, if you want to learn about it, you can start to look for information about coding and then improve your knowledge by yourself. To make you better in learning coding, the following information will be necessary for you to know since you can use it as the tips for the beginners.

First, you can read some basic information about coding or programming. You can start with the book that you find in your school’s library or the web page that you find on your internet. That basic information will help you to know, at least, several basic terms that usually used in the coding. Besides that, it is usually helpful if you also look for the new book about programming that you might find in the bookstore.

Then, finding the help from people who know better about programming is something good for you. It can be your senior in school or college, your teacher or someone you know, who are having a better experience in coding. Ask them about what you want to know better about programming and coding. It would be nice if they agree to guide you until you are good at programming.

Do not hesitate to try using the code. In coding, it is not merely about learning a theory, but it is also something that really practical. Your theory will mean nothing if you never try to figure out, whether the theory is working or not. So, once you learn about a new information of coding theory, you better to try it and learn what will happen to the code that you try.

Try and try is important. Do not only stop in your first trial. Having trial and error is good in learning, so even though you do not succeed in your first trial, it would be better if you try and try again until you really understand in using that certain code. So does if you succeed in your first trial, you still need to learn more. It does not mean you are available to feel sacrifice even though you are a success at the first time.

The Importance of Teacher’s Help

Even though you might ever hear some people are learning about coding and programming by self-taught, it would be good if you use the help of a teacher. A teacher for your coding class can be your real teacher someone else that can help you to learn about coding. The teacher will help you not only to learn something new but also to learn about how you work with coding.

Your teacher can also help you in finding a solution. You might get your new information about coding from other sources, but then you need to cross check the data that you have to the person that you refer as a teacher in coding. Then, if you find some difficulties in learning about coding or programming, that person will help you to find the solution and lead you about the right way to solve the problems. So, learning to code with teacher beside you is important.