Top 5 Digital Softwares for Painters


Painting or designing might be one of the best hobbies that you have. Not just a hobby, doing digital painting or designing can be enjoyable yet profitable. Not to talk about the profit, choosing bout the best software to be used to unleash all your ideas in graphic designing and photo editing can be a good topic too. Then, here we have top 5 software to be used as your tools in creating your masterpiece.

List of Top 5 Graphics Editing Applications

To know better about the tools that will help you to create the great works through graphics, here is the list for you!

  • Photoshop

The name of this application is no longer something strange for most digital artists. This software becomes the basic standard of the application that you can use for photo editing, graphic designing, graphic painting and many more. You can find many great features there and enjoy your job at the end.

  • Artweaver 6

This software is the good one for all beginners around the world. Yet, it only can be used for those who use Windows. By having this software, you can create your work easier and faster, because the features there will help you to figure out the results easily. You need to purchase in about $41 for the Artweaver Plus version which will give you greater interface.

  • Clip Studio Painting

Do you have a hobby to create comic or manga? If you are really into those hobbies, this application will suit you well. Using this software will make you figure out that the result will look more natural. To purchase this app and make it the Pro one, you need to spend $49.99 for your better comic production.

  • Affinity Designer

This software is available for those who use MacOS or Windows. It will suit well for you who are in love with illustrations and graphic designs. With the help of Vector support, this software also works well on some details like curves, and blending modes.

  • Graphiter

For those who are having a hobby in making the realistic looks of their sketches, this software will turn into the number 1 for you. Even though the tools there seem simple, but those tools are good enough for you to support the work of the realistic pencils that you have in this software. However, it is sad that this software is only available for Windows users.

The Use of Those Applications

After knowing about those applications, you already know about the best recommendations of software that can support your hobby in digital painting and designing. The existence of those applications really supports the works and the masterpiece that you can produce as a digital artist. The tools in that software, give the best support for you to work and get the best result for your digital painting.

So, if you already know that the software is having the good result in works and good support of the tools, you can consider which the best software is for you. You can consider based on the types of the software. For example, if you are better with realistic-looks design, you can choose Graphiter. However, if you want to get the application which is also good for photo editing, you can choose Photoshop over all the previous recommendation.

In conclusion, those applications are good for you who are having a hobby of graphic designing or photo editing. You also need to know how much budget that you need to prepare if you want to purchase the premium version of the application that you choose. Then, you can work with the tools and great interface from the digital software to create your great masterpieces.